you can...

Be a Barista!

help us end human trafficking


you can...

Join the FC Flash Mob!

help us end human trafficking


you can...

get involved in a dev team

help us end human trafficking


you can...

establish or manage a Freedom Cafe

help us end human trafficking

Volunteer with the Freedom Cafe

Thank you so much for signing up to help us end human trafficking. The Freedom Café is a coffee shop at UMass that is progressively moving forward in giving students an opportunity to make a life changing impact in the lives of victims and young girls at risk of being trafficked.
Educating Students about Human Trafficking: we're committed to developing a comprehensive education program to offer to academic departments, resident halls, classes and student organizations at UMass and in the 5 college area. We already have a few of these events planned and it would be great to have you join us.
Serving Amazing Coffee At the Freedom Café, we not only source the best locally roasted direct trade coffee, but we specialize in 'hand-crafted coffee'. This insures that you get the best tasting and most socially responsible coffee every time.

Serve as Family

10+hoursper month

serve our guests as a barista

  • Serving as a Barista Help us change lives by serving the guests of the Freedom Café, while sharing about human trafficking and our vision to build a vocational center each year in India for it’s victims.
  • Serve coffee, Espresso and Tea. Share the vision of the Freedom Café.
  • Requirements

  • Be willing and able to signup for weekly recurring shifts*
  • Try to volunteer for at least 2 hours per week.
  • Attend a barista training event
  • Take the Barista Online training course
  • Once you become a veteran barista, it is encouraged that you join a development team to help serve the workflow.

Serve as a Friend

10+hoursper month

work behind the scenes in a development team

  • Put your various skills and passions to work ending human trafficking and furthering the vision and goals of the Freedom Café.
  • Regardless of what you can contribute, we are looking for passionate people willing to change the world.
  • Use your passions and skills to end human trafficking.
  • Requirements

  • Meet with your dev team bi-weekly
  • Attend one educational event each semester.

Serve as a Fan

1+hoursper month

help set up for an event, promote, or flash-mob

  • Are you not able to volunteer on a consistent basis?
  • Want to be on call if we are in need of some help?
  • Do you have volunteer hours to complete, and would like to help us with our cause?
  • Know of a specific way you would like to contribute?
  • Requirements

  • Attend one educational event each semester.

Serve as an Intern

15+hoursper week

exercise your skills in a meaningful way

  • Make a deeper commitment to our cause.
  • Earn credits for your degree.
  • Build experience for your resume?
  • Requirements

  • We ask for 15 hours per week in whatever area of development you would like to work.
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