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July 12, 2015
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August 17, 2015

Steaming milk for espresso art


  1. Use the steamer on the left side of the espresso machine. It makes the best microfoam for latte art.
  2. Use the correct size pitcher. The surface of the milk should be a finger below the spout.
  3. Purge the want of water.
  4. Aerate at the surface of the milk. (It should sound like tearing paper, NOT BUBBLES).
  5. Sink the tip of the steamer into the milk at 100 degrees until the carafe gets warm to the touch, then lift it to the surface.
  6. Once the carafe is hot to the touch shut off the steam and wipe the wand.
  7. Tap the carafe on the counter and swirl. You should see a silky texture, and it should seem thick like paint.
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