September News 2015
September 14, 2015
Freedom Café’s Partnering with an event featuring the Cuatro Corridos Chamber Opera
September 21, 2015

Ashagaon Update – Moving Product!

This is “Reesma”-She was so proud of the beautiful hanks of yarn that she made, she carried 3 of them around in her pocket all day and showed them to anyone who would look at them! She and the other ladies have their own workstation and apron-with their names on them. This gives them a sense of belonging and purpose. It is bringing order into their lives as well as a very good income.

Dear Freedom Café

We're over 50% finished with our initial order of Freedom Yarn-they will be in stores in early 2016! We could not have done this without Freedom Cafe’s generous support. Starting a huge project like this has taken tens of thousands of dollars. It’s been almost 2 years in the making, so your interim financing was the only thing that kept this project alive! There were many setbacks-the roof blew off our vocational center in the spring. There was a huge rush to install a costly cement roof before the Monsoon Rains began. Then the rains began, and the fabric dyer couldn’t get us fabric because there was no sun to dry it. There were setbacks and delays galore, but somehow we are overcoming and it is progressing beautifully. Thank you-thank you-thank you!!!
I am the General Manager of the Freedom Cafe UMass and a Spiritual Advisor at UMass with Chi Alpha.

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