Freedom Cafe Volunteer Newsletter (September 27th, 2015)
September 28, 2015
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July 11, 2018

Fall 2015 End of the Semester Report

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Financial Report Fall 2015

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From what we know of sales. (items punched into our register) The item break-down is as follows;

  • 193 Pumpkin Spice Lattés totaling $751.00
  • 522 Pour Over Coffees totaling $1,149.00
  • 358 Totmans totalling $358.00
  • Additionally 249 people gave donations above the recommended price totalling $469.00 and we received $385 in additional tips.

Ashagaon Report


We've been told that in the past year, Ashagaon has grown from 15 women, to 50. This was only possible because of our support allowing them to not only continue to pay the 15, but employ an additional 35. Our support came at a critical time as they were transitioning from a make than sell, to a sell than man model.
Brenda said that of the 50 women working at Ashagaon, 49 of them vowed to never sell their children again. We are changing culture, changing lives, and ending human trafficking one person, one educational event, and coffee at a time.

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We were recently presented with the first skein of Freedom Strip Yarn out of Ashagaon. You will soon be able to buy it in Hobby Lobby stores around the country. Hobby Lobby, in support of our cause, will be selling the yearn at a profit margin much lower than their other products. Their involvement in Ashagaon is limited to simply sales and distribution of this particular product.

Coming Up!


Shane, Treva and I will be visiting Ashagaon. Stay tuned for us to be posting videos and photos.

Volunteer Engagement

This semester has been incredible in the area of volunteer engagement. We've had 65 people signup to volunteer and 23 trained as baristas. This was our first semester with interns, and they did a great job! Our educational team had a late start this semester, but still managed to pull off 20 educational event on campus. We've inspired many, changed lives, and did a small part in ending human trafficking in 2015.

Our Holiday Give & Kickstarter

Many of you know that we are gearing up to move to southeast campus. In order to do accomplish this, we need to raise the funding.

As we end the semester, let's give one more push. While you are home this holiday season, please share the Freedom Cafe with your friends and family and ask if they would help us expand our efforts by making a holiday donation to our work.

Visit our donation page complete with a presentation you can share with friends and family
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It’s been a great semester!

I want to say thank you to all of you who volunteered this semester. I think it has been the smoothest semester to date, and that is with my being away 3 days a week. You are all to be congratulated for stepping it up.

This email snapshot;

  • Our end of the semester numbers
  • An update from Ashagaon (our vocational center in India)
  • Our seasonal give campaign & kickstarter
I am the General Manager of the Freedom Cafe UMass and a Spiritual Advisor at UMass with Chi Alpha.

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