Barista Training


An overview of our equipment

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine

  • Our espresso machine stays on. You don’t have to worry about that.
  • There are two steamers. Generally the one of the left is for steaming, while the one on the right is for frothing. You activate by turning the knob.
  • We have two buttons. 1 for one shot, and 2 for two shots.
  • There is also a knob for hot water.
  • The handle in the picture is called a portafilter. We have 4 of them. One for single shots, and three for double shots.
  • From time to time, you will hear this machine filling it’s water.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature gauge to make sure you make consistent shots.
  • Using this machine takes practice. Keep working on it.

Espresso Grinders

We also have two espresso grinders. One of them is for decaf, and the other for regular. We don’t get many orders for decaf, so at the time of the order we add a scoop of decaf into the grinder and grind it until it is finished. Don’t leave coffee grounds or beans in this grinder.

Hot Water Kettles

Hot Water Kettles

Used for black and green tea and pour-over coffee.

  • We have two hot water kettles. One of them is for coffee and black tea, the other is for green tea. They are set at 205 degrees (coffee and black tea) and 175 degrees (green tea and matcha).
  • Turn on by pushing 1 and then 2. This heat’s the water to 205 degrees and holds it at that temp.
  • Refill with the espresso machine. (205 degrees) Cool to 176 by adding cold water if needed at that temperature.
  • If at any time it runs out of water while heating, it wil need to reset by cooling. You can do this quickly by filling it with cold water. You will hear a ‘click’,
  • We try to keep the kettles hot at all times.

Grinder and Hot Water Boiler and Coffee Bins

Bulk Coffee Maker & Grinder

Also used to make airpots of coffee.

  • To fill a airpot, push ‘full’ and ‘h20’.
  • If it begins to overflow, simply push the ‘enable’ button on the upper left hand corner. If at any time you get a ‘no name coffee’ it is because this is pushed.
  • when grinding coffee, don’t push the ‘STOP’ button. Just let it finish.
  • When filling a pot, it may ask you to make sure the coffee funnel has been changed. Ignore this by pushing the button again. (after you made sure there isn’t old coffee in the coffee funnel.)
  • It may warn you that is warming up. Basically let it finish, or proceed anyway.

Air Frier

We have an air frier to help warm up pastries. Simply set the time (in minutes) and hit start. We recommend 4 minutes for a muffin.

Ice Machine and Scoop

Always use the ice scoop to take ice out of the ice machine. Never leave the scoop in the ice maker, or use anything else to scoop ice out.

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