you can help us develop our strategic growth areas

Besides our team of baristas, we have a team of students working in the background to develop the Freedom Cafe, and accomplish our goals of ending human trafficking. We meet together as one group each week to discuss our current progress and upcoming projects.


what dev teams are available?

These are our current areas of focus, but if you have a passion in another area just let me know and we'll see if we can pull a team together for you in that area.

Looking for an Internship

What are the Requirements?

We are looking for passionate people who are willing to give a considerable amount of time to their team's projects. At minimum, I recommend a commitment of at least 3 hours a week to their team and it's projects. It is recommended that you attend a biweekly meeting with your team, and give a couple hours of attention to your projects each week. Ideally, the more involved you are in your team, the more connected you will feel to our overarching purpose and plan to grow as a community and cause here in our community.

Will there be compensation for my work?

We currently have three areas of compensation available and we would be thrilled if you take advantage of them.
  1. Presidential Service Award: Being a active member of a Freedom Cafe Dev Team makes you eligible for our nation's Presidential Service award which will be given out after you complete a set amount of hours. Learn more here.
  2. Get Class Credit: Please contact us for information about how to turn your volunteer hours into class credits.
  3. Internships: Currently we have one internship opportunity available through the School of Management's Citizen's First program.
Apart from these opportunities, we believe that through volunteering with us you will gain great fulfilment for being a part of our progressive movement that is working to help end human trafficking and free it's victims. One of the most fulfilling things you can experience in life, is a decent from self-centered living into a lifestyle of caring for others. learn more

You Can Signup Now!

Please fill out this short form and we will contact you soon over the next couple weeks.

Thank you so much for considering helping the Freedom Cafe's development