Café Maintenance, Cleaning and Health


How do I open?

  • Bring open sign outside and flip the sign to “open”
  • Fill the red bucket with hot water and a half a pump of sanitizer.
  • whip down the tables with sanitizer water
  • Rinse out creamer carafe, coffee pots, or anything else that may have sanitizer residue in it. Ideally, whoever closed will have done this last night, but it’s always good to check!
  • Fill the creamer carafe halfway with half & half and close with black lid. Put it out with the sugar and lids
  • Assemble the pour-over cones and ice coffee makers.
  • Fill the ice bucket with ice from the ice machine
  • Fill the pour-over kettle with water and set it to hold it at 205 degrees.
  • Grind coffee as necessary to fill your bins.
  • Make sure you cups, lids and sleeves are stocked.
Café Maintenance, Cleaning and Health

How do I close?

The Order in which you close the café doesn’t matter. We try to remain open while we are closing the café, and at times we begin closing early in order to close at a set time.
  • Wash dishes
    • 1st sink: wash (warm or hot with soap)
    • 2nd sink: rinse (hot water)
    • 3rd sink: sanitize (hot water sink filled halfway and add 1 pump sanitizer) - each item must sanitize in sink for ~30 seconds. Do not rinse. PH test strips are located in the top right drawer. Test for 200ppm.
    • Allow dishes to air dry on rack or in dish basket.
  • Wash coffee airpots
    • Rinse
    • Put 1/4 oz. Klearly Koffee in each pot. Fill halfway with warm water
    • Scrub with carafe brush
    • Dump and rinse
    • Place sanitized straw in outlet and replace lid
  • Dairy: At the end of the day we dump out any dairy left in the carafes.
  • Wash the cream carafes in the same manner as the airpots but with sani-512. Once clean, place in refrigerator.
  • Wash all surface with a wash rag sprayed with sanitizer. Let dry.
  • Wipe down and sanitize sinks
  • Wipe down espresso machine and wand, remove and wash drip pan.
  • Put any dirty laundry in the dirty laundry bin

What do I do when it’s slow?

  • Clean!
    • Wash dishes and utensils
    • Wipe down espresso machine, steaming wand and thermometer
    • Wipe down surfaces
    • Sweep the floor
  • Rotate coffee
    • Coffee in airpots must be disposed of every three hours
  • Rotate dairy products
    • Cream, milk, half & half, etc. must be rotated at noon each day. When you rotate it, change the lid to the one with the orange button
  • Put dirty laundry in dirty laundry bin
  • Restock cups, napkins, stirrers, sugar, etc.
  • Get on Facebook and help the Freedom Café go viral.
Café Maintenance, Cleaning and Health


Despite us begin a small coffee shop, please be aware that some of our beverages do contain allergens. We treat guest’s with allergies as a VIP Known Allergens at the Freedom Café:
  • Dairy: Milk and Half and Half
  • Soy: Soy Milk
  • Tree Nuts: Hazelnut syrups
  • And Caffeine (very rare, and not life threatening)
Precautions we generally follow:
  • Be ready to list the above items to any guest who states they have an allergy.
  • Prepare their beverage with great care.
  • Use a clean steaming container for milk or soy. Do not use them together. Some guests could be allergic to milk, and others to soy.
  • Wash (with soap) the steaming wand and turn it on and let it steam for 5 seconds.
  • Make sure if they order it decaffeinated, that it is in fact decaffeinated. Let them know that if what they are ordering is an espresso drink, there could be a very small trace of caffeine in their beverage.
  • Make sure you label their drink, so that you don’t give them the wrong one.
In case of emergency:
  • Call 911
  • Do not sit them upright or have them stand
I ______________________________________ have read the above precautionary procedures and understand my role in serving the guests of the Freedom Café who have allergies as stated above.
Café Maintenance, Cleaning and Health

When am I to sick?

For the safety of the visitors please excuse yourself when exhibiting the following symptoms.
  • Sore throat with fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Jaundice
  • Infected wounds on hands or wrists
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